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I’m so happy you’ve come to visit and discover more about me and my writing. I’m lucky enough to write books for children and teens. In 2007, Chelsea Clubhouse published my Dog Tales series of five books about the amazing lives of working dogs. The titles in the series are: Distinguished Dogs, Helping Dogs, Hunting and Herding Dogs, Police Dogs and Search and Rescue Dogs. My book, Managing Responsibilities, was published in 2009 by Chelsea House as part of its Character Education series.

My newest book, Rachel Carson, was published by Chelsea House in March 2011.  Rachel Carson was a famed marine biologist and award-winning author.  Rachel's book, Silent Spring, sounded the alarm about the danger pesticide use posed to wildlife and to people.  She is credited with sparking the modern environmental movement. I am excited to say that Rachel Carson has been included in the short list for the 2012 Newton Marasco Foundation's Green Earth Book Award.

Make yourself comfortable and click around the site. Find out more about my life by clicking on the Biography section. In the Books and Short Stories sections of this web site, you can read descriptions and reviews of my books and other published stories. A Bit of Humor will offer you the chance to read a few of my lighthearted reflections on family life.

Most importantly, I’d love to read any thoughts or questions you have. Please write to me in the Guestbook section. I will try my best to answer you. Thanks for wondering about me.

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